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Monday, 17 November 2014

Remove password of any windows account

1. Pen Drive(1Gb is enough)
2. Package of files (Download link is given below)

The whole process is divided in two parts :
1. Make pen drive bootable with the help of package of files.
2. Crack password of protected user with the help of pen drive.

Part 1:
1. Format the pen drive in fat32 file system.
2. Now extract the downloaded package.
3. Copy all the files in pen drive.
4. Open command prompt with admin rights.
5. Now type the letter of pen drive with colon symbol (suppose j is my pen drive letter so I will type j:) then press enter.
6. Now type “syslinux.exe –ma j:” (remember j is drive letter so replace it with yours and quotes are not included, just for better understanding).
7. Then press enter.
8. If it says nothing, it probably did install the bootloader.

Part 2:
1. Setup your bios on pen drive boot (I can not tell you how to do it but I can only say that you should google it with your motherboard brand and model number)
2. When you start the computer with usb boot you will see the first screen which shows copyright information and driver option information. Do nothing with the driver option, leaving program automatically select.
3. When it stop for user respose simply press enter key it will automatically select the windows installation drive
4. Now select volume by press the number written in front of the volume
5. Now select the path of registry just by pressing the enter key.
6. Select password reset[sam] by pressing the number key shown in the front
7. Now select the password protected user from the list
8. At User Edit Menu, select Clear (blank) user password. With the prompt that you had cleared the user password
9. The next steps are that follow the prompt to save user data and quit

Click here to download package of files

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