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Sunday, 30 November 2014

How to make folder with name con

Do you know, there are some keywords that we can't use as folder name like con because these keywords are reserved by Microsoft for some reasons.Go ahead, try by yourself but let me tell you, if you will somehow manage it then you will not be able to delete it.


1. Open command prompt with administrative rights.
2. Go to your d drive by typing the command d: then hit enter.
Note: Do not use c drive because c drive is windows drive or system drive. If something happen accidentally then you might not be able to start your system again.
3. Now type the command without quotes "mkdir \con" and hit enter.

1. Open command prompt again with administrative rights.
2. Switch to d drive by command "d:"(without quotes).
3. Now type "rmdir con\"(without quotes) and hit enter.

Full video tutorial :

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