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Sunday, 30 November 2014

How to make folder with name con

Do you know, there are some keywords that we can't use as folder name like con because these keywords are reserved by Microsoft for some reasons.Go ahead, try by yourself but let me tell you, if you will somehow manage it then you will not be able to delete it.


1. Open command prompt with administrative rights.
2. Go to your d drive by typing the command d: then hit enter.
Note: Do not use c drive because c drive is windows drive or system drive. If something happen accidentally then you might not be able to start your system again.
3. Now type the command without quotes "mkdir \con" and hit enter.

1. Open command prompt again with administrative rights.
2. Switch to d drive by command "d:"(without quotes).
3. Now type "rmdir con\"(without quotes) and hit enter.

Full video tutorial :

Friday, 28 November 2014

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you ever face the situation in which your mouse stops working suddenly and you still want to use facebook. Don't panic because there is always a way to use facebook with the help of keyboard. so here is something special for you.

For google chrome users:

1. Alt+1 = Home page
2. Alt+2 = Your profile page
3. Alt+3 = Friend requests
4. Alt+4 = Your messages
5. Alt+5 = Notifications
6. Alt+6 = Account page
7. Alt+7 = Privacy
8. Alt+8 = Facebook page
9. Alt+9 = Facebook Terms/Agreement
10. Alt+0 = Facebook help center
11. Alt+/ = Search
12. Alt+m = Compose a new message
13. Alt+? = Cursor in search box

For firefox users:

1. Shift+Alt+1 = Home page
2. Shift+Alt+2 = Your profile page
3. Shift+Alt+3 = Friend requests
4. Shift+Alt+4 = Your messages
5. Shift+Alt+5 = Notifications
6. Shift+Alt+6 = Account page
7. Shift+Alt+7 = Privacy
8. Shift+Alt+8 = Facebook page
9. Shift+Alt+9 = Facebook Terms/Agreement
10. Shift+Alt+0 = Facebook help center
11. Shift+Alt+? = Cursor in search box
12. Shift+Alt+m = Compose a new message

For internet explorer users:

1. Alt+1+Enter = Home page
2. Alt+2+Enter = Your profile page
3. Alt+3+Enter = Friend requests
4. Alt+4+Enter = Your messages
5. Alt+5+Enter = Notifications
6. Alt+6+Enter = Account page
7. Alt+7+Enter = Privacy
8. Alt+8+Enter = Facebook page
9. Alt+9+Enter = Facebook Terms/Agreement
10. Alt+0+Enter = Facebook help center
11. Alt+?+Enter = Cursor in search box
12. Alt+m+Enter = Compose a new message

Thursday, 27 November 2014

How to disable or lock USB ports

Sometimes it happens that we don't want people to use USB media or storage devices in our computer or laptop only because of the virus but in some special cases we can't refuse to use some devices.In that case, we can disable the USB ports by doing some settings in windows in such a way people can't detect it

1. Go to run by pressing windows+R keys or you access it from start menu.

2. Type regedit as it is.
3. Now in registry editor console click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
4. Then go to system.
5. click on CurrentControlSet.
6. Next click on services.
7. Now go to USBSTOR.
8. Double click on 'Start' where value is 3.
9. Now change the value data with 4.
10. Press ok and refresh your desktop your USB port is disabled.

Note: To enable the USB port again, just replace the value 4 with 3.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to install dot net 3.5(including 3.0 and 2.0) in windows 8.1 or 8 through installation media

Some software need a platform of dot net framework  3.5, 3.0 and 2.0 to run but what if we do not have separate software and internet connectivity for download ? In that case, we can use installation media of  windows 8 (doesn't matter if the media is boot-able or not, all we need here is windows software, that's it). I always install dot not 3.5 just right after the fresh windows installation. This method works with both windows 8 and 8.1.

1. windows 8 software

1. Open command prompt with administrative rights.
2. Now type the command mention below in the image.

3. Then hit enter.
Note: Be careful while typing the command because i don't know what will happen if someone enter the wrong command.

After hitting enter:

After completion of installation:

Full video tutorial:

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Access the recovery mode or CWM recovery(Clock work mode recovery) in any android device

This post is all about how to access recovery mode or you can say the hidden part of any android gadget.There are too many brands in the field of android gadgets and there are lots of different products available of every brand. So basically, I am trying to say that the market of android is too vast. That's why there are many different ways to access the recovery mode. In this post, i will show you some of them. So, don't panic. Sit tight with back straight and try one of these. It will absolutely gonna work.

1. Access the recovery mode by pressing the volume key(some of the gadgets do not support this method or feature)
Keys may be slightly different in different gadgets but the procedure is always the same. You better search on google to find the right keys of your device, if there is any(some devices work with up volume key, some work with down volume key and some work with volume keys + home button). All you need to do is turn-off your device then press and hold the recovery key or keys and then turn-on the device(keep holding recovery keys until  you entered in recovery mode).This one is the best method because it has some advantages as well.

2. Access the recovery mode by selecting the option in developer options(some devices do not have this option)
Go to your device settings then select developer options and then select reboot or restart in recovery mode.In android 4.2 or above, the developer options are hidden by default. In that case, go to your device settings then select "about phone"and then tap 5 to 7 times on "build id".

3. Acess the recovery mode by some downloaded app
There are lots of apps in the android market which give you the direct access like Helium or Rom Manager. There are others apps also but these are the popular one's.

Here is the example of recovery mode

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How to send multiple friend requests on facebook at a time

Many people know about this but majority of the people still don't have any idea about it. So for those people here is something special.

1. CSV extention file(its a format file. Download link is given below)
2. List of email ID's

I divide the entire procedure in 2 parts so anyone can understand it easily.

Part 1 :
1. Download the CSV file and open it in Ms-Excel
2. Put all e-mail ID's in coloumn B(E-mail Address) one by one(Only one ID in one cell).
3. Then save it(if asked for overwrite then select yes).
Part 2 :
1. Login to your facebook account.
2. Then open this link
3. Now click on "Import your email addresses" in "Invite Friends You Email" block.
4. Then click on other tools.
5. And upload that CSV file from your computer.


Click here to download CSV file

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The easiest and universal way of taking remote of any system from anywhere

1. Internet connection
2. Software(Teamviewer)

1. Download the software(download link is given below or you can download it from their official website for latest version).
2. You don't need to install it, just simply run it (Both options are available there).
3. It will ask you the user id and password of the other system which you wanted to take remote.
Suppose you are the person A and you want to take remote of person B.make sure both systems are connected to internet. Now you need to run the software in both system. then simply put the user id and password of person B system in Person A system and enjoy.
4. So enter the id and password of other system.

Click here to download above mentioned software

Monday, 17 November 2014

Remove password of any windows account

1. Pen Drive(1Gb is enough)
2. Package of files (Download link is given below)

The whole process is divided in two parts :
1. Make pen drive bootable with the help of package of files.
2. Crack password of protected user with the help of pen drive.

Part 1:
1. Format the pen drive in fat32 file system.
2. Now extract the downloaded package.
3. Copy all the files in pen drive.
4. Open command prompt with admin rights.
5. Now type the letter of pen drive with colon symbol (suppose j is my pen drive letter so I will type j:) then press enter.
6. Now type “syslinux.exe –ma j:” (remember j is drive letter so replace it with yours and quotes are not included, just for better understanding).
7. Then press enter.
8. If it says nothing, it probably did install the bootloader.

Part 2:
1. Setup your bios on pen drive boot (I can not tell you how to do it but I can only say that you should google it with your motherboard brand and model number)
2. When you start the computer with usb boot you will see the first screen which shows copyright information and driver option information. Do nothing with the driver option, leaving program automatically select.
3. When it stop for user respose simply press enter key it will automatically select the windows installation drive
4. Now select volume by press the number written in front of the volume
5. Now select the path of registry just by pressing the enter key.
6. Select password reset[sam] by pressing the number key shown in the front
7. Now select the password protected user from the list
8. At User Edit Menu, select Clear (blank) user password. With the prompt that you had cleared the user password
9. The next steps are that follow the prompt to save user data and quit

Click here to download package of files

Sunday, 16 November 2014

How to install windows 7 or 8

1. Windows 7 or bootable installation media.

1. Insert bootable disk of windows 7,8 or 8.1 in your CD-ROM or writer(whatever you have).
2. Now turn on your system(Laptop or desktop).
3. Press any key when asked.
4. Now wait for a while.
5. Now select the language and time etc. and press “next” button.
6. Again press “install now” button.
7. Select the appropriate edition like x86 or x64 and ultimate or professional and press next (this one showed up only if there is more than one edition in one media).
Note: Always remember one thing if you got 4gb of ram in your system or more than that then select x64 otherwise select x86.
8. Then accept the license terms and press next.
9. Select “custom(advanced)” installation type and press next.
10. Select the partition in which you want to install the windows then go to “drive option(advance)” and then format the partition by selecting “format” then next.
Note: If you want to create or delete partitions you need to select the partition then select delete/new. At the time of creation you need to mention the size in MB(1gb=1024mb).
11. Now wait for a while it’s a time consuming process. It will restart several times during the installation.
12. After the installation it will ask you the general things so don’t panic read carefully and answer it gently.
13. After the installation it will ask you the general things so don’t panic read carefully and answer it gently.

Here is the full installation video tutorial

Windows 7 Installation

Windows 8 Installation

Saturday, 15 November 2014

How to make pen drive or usb flash drive bootable

1. Windows installation disk
2. Pendrive or usb flashdrive(for windows xp 1gb pen drive is enough but for other versions like vista,seven or 8 minimum 4gb drive is necessary)
3. Winsetupfromusb(it’s a freeware software you can easily find it by google search)

1. Insert the windows installation disk
2. Install the software(winsetupfromusb)
3. Connect the pendrive and format it in ntfs format
4. Run the software
5. Now select :
   a. Windows 2000/xp/2003 source = windows xp installation disk (only if you are creating windows xp bootable pen drive otherwise leave it blank)
   b. USB disk selection = your pen drive
   c. Force target disk type = removable
  d. You may also add = Check vista/7 setup/PE/RecoveryISO and select the windows installation disk(only if you are not creating xp bootable drive otherwise leave it unchecked)
   e. Press the go button
   f. Its done now all you need to do is wait because it’s a time consuming process so good luck with that.

Click here to download software

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