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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How to send multiple friend requests on facebook at a time

Many people know about this but majority of the people still don't have any idea about it. So for those people here is something special.

1. CSV extention file(its a format file. Download link is given below)
2. List of email ID's

I divide the entire procedure in 2 parts so anyone can understand it easily.

Part 1 :
1. Download the CSV file and open it in Ms-Excel
2. Put all e-mail ID's in coloumn B(E-mail Address) one by one(Only one ID in one cell).
3. Then save it(if asked for overwrite then select yes).
Part 2 :
1. Login to your facebook account.
2. Then open this link
3. Now click on "Import your email addresses" in "Invite Friends You Email" block.
4. Then click on other tools.
5. And upload that CSV file from your computer.


Click here to download CSV file

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