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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Access the recovery mode or CWM recovery(Clock work mode recovery) in any android device

This post is all about how to access recovery mode or you can say the hidden part of any android gadget.There are too many brands in the field of android gadgets and there are lots of different products available of every brand. So basically, I am trying to say that the market of android is too vast. That's why there are many different ways to access the recovery mode. In this post, i will show you some of them. So, don't panic. Sit tight with back straight and try one of these. It will absolutely gonna work.

1. Access the recovery mode by pressing the volume key(some of the gadgets do not support this method or feature)
Keys may be slightly different in different gadgets but the procedure is always the same. You better search on google to find the right keys of your device, if there is any(some devices work with up volume key, some work with down volume key and some work with volume keys + home button). All you need to do is turn-off your device then press and hold the recovery key or keys and then turn-on the device(keep holding recovery keys until  you entered in recovery mode).This one is the best method because it has some advantages as well.

2. Access the recovery mode by selecting the option in developer options(some devices do not have this option)
Go to your device settings then select developer options and then select reboot or restart in recovery mode.In android 4.2 or above, the developer options are hidden by default. In that case, go to your device settings then select "about phone"and then tap 5 to 7 times on "build id".

3. Acess the recovery mode by some downloaded app
There are lots of apps in the android market which give you the direct access like Helium or Rom Manager. There are others apps also but these are the popular one's.

Here is the example of recovery mode

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