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Monday, 15 December 2014

How to activate Windows or MS-Office

If you are facing the problem of "windows not genuine" or "activate windows" or any other problem related to windows license so, this is the perfect solution of your problem. This method works fine with all versions of windows but i recommend you this method for windows 7 or older versions of Microsoft Windows. This method is also works with some versions of Microsoft Office.

1. System detail checker software(download link is given below)
2. Activation software(download link is given below)

For Microsoft windows activation

Turn off your internet connectivity and antivirus protection first.

Part 1 : Know your windows version(7/8/vista/xp) and edition(basic/professional/ultimate)
1. Run system detail checker software
2. Note down operating system detail
3. Close the system detail checker

Part 2 : Activate windows
1. Run the activator now
2. Click on install(after extraction another box will open)
3. Now click on beginner mode
4. Select the windows version
5. Than select the perfect edition.
6. After some processing you will find your windows status "activated" in system property.

Note : If windows is still not activated then
1.Restart your system
2.Open command prompt with administrative rights
3.Type a command "slmgr.vbs /upk" without quotes
4.Restart your system again
5.Now repeat the whole procedure "part 2 activate windows" again this time it will absolutely gonna work.

For Microsoft Office activation
1.Select advanced mode
2.Select office kms activator
3.Install KMService by selecting KMservice install/uninstall
4.Select forever office KMS Activation

Click here to download System detail checker
Click here to download activation software

Video Tutorial:

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